A New England native, I was born in Warwick, RI. I did most of my growing up in Springfield, MA. I’ve painted since childhood, always in watercolor, but I’ve had long periods during which I didn’t touch a brush. Since 1984, I’ve lived with my wife Linda in the tiny town of Huntington, MA, in the eastern foothills of the Berkshires. My paintings reflect three life-long passions: nature, history, and architecture.

I paint only in watercolor, in a style that lies somewhere between impressionistic and photo-realistic. I love the transparency and immediacy of watercolors and celebrate the happy accidents of the medium, as well as its challenges.

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Steve's work demonstrates technical excellence, an artistic compositional vision, and a deep understanding of his subjects. Frequently found combing the hills and fields for a look at his avian quarry, this man knows his birds!

Come by the gallery to his winged subjects close up!