Portfolio Preparation  Services

Successful applications to the best art schools and college art programs require professionally presented work.

While many students are very fine artists, they often don’t have the experience or the resources necessary to present their work in the most positive light for those judging their applications for entry into prestigious art or design programs.

A well-presented portfolio says the student is serious and committed to their talent and their art.


High School Seniors

Make sure your work
looks as good as it is!
Art School Requirementscontact Sheet, CD image

I’m able to help the student navigate the complexities of the increasingly technical application requirements.

Through converting their work into high quality digital images, assisting with the file conversions, designing and producing the contact sheets and preparing the final discs, the student’s portfolio will show his or her work in the best possible light.

A professional portfolio presentation will give the student significant advantage in the rigorous acceptance process of art schools and colleges.