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Light is the source of all painting, nature changing in moments and always new. Each rock, tree and meadow is repainted with each tick of the clock and the job is to snatch the right moment from the changing gallery presented.

Through surface, the painting becomes an object of its own, itself changing with each movement of light. Carrying the work from room to room, outside and in; each gives a painting a new light of its own.

Color, new, too, with every new stroke of the brush. Each new stroke presenting a relationship changed from those coming before. The first washes and daubs produce massive change in those relationships; successive ones offer more subtle shifts until, toward the end, only nuance. The process of "sorting it out."

These are the tools: light, surface and color. Through these, I work to make my paintings recollections of places you may have been, may have wanted to be, moments in a day fondly remembered.

Painting helps me hold on to my own memories of places and moments. Though many times I use photos as reference, these are views from the hillside I've wandered, the beach I've walked and the rain I've felt on my face.

Through the act of painting I can be in these times again.

Through painting, I can bring form to my memories and relive a time in the fog on the beach, a crisp afternoon on a farm or in the mountains. These are the parts of life I can bring to canvas and they allow a touching others and a sharing of my wonder that I could have seen that cloud or felt that wave.

Will Kefauver
Kitchawan, NY
January 30, 2004

Light Song, the Beeches
Will Kefauver, Painting, "Light Song, the Beeches"
Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40"

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